The top 10 items you mustn't forget in your travel bag

Image The top 10 items you mustn't forget in your travel bag

Here we are! The journey that you have planned for months has finally arrived. You do not want to have too many stuff in your travel bag but you do not especially want to forget anything, it could absolutely turn out to be necessary.

We all know the “whoops” stage by taxi or in plane when we remember we haven't packed important things. How to travel quietly without stressing about forgetting something important?

They should be in your travel bag

Every traveler knows it: the weight is the worst enemy. To make a world tour or to travel for a few weeks, it is important to take only the most useful and the lightest things. Nevertheless, traveling light doesn't mean forgetting something. Here are the top 10 items which should be in your travel bag.

  1.  Toilet bag: It may sound ridiculous but it is the item that every traveler has to take, even for the shortest trip. The easiest way to not forget it is to put first in the travel bag. It's important because it contains the necessary toilet things such as toothbrushes, which is as important to have when traveling.
  2. First-aid kit: It should include: a lip balm, sun protection, bandage, some medicine like general antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and antihistamine especially if you are a fragile traveler. 
  3. Clothes: It depends on the destination. It is necessary to accept to wear the same clothes twice or even three times. Travelers should find and carry appropriate clothes in adequate season, destinations and events in their travel bag. 
  4. Appropriate shoes: The same as for the appropriate clothes, footwear is important too. Depending on the events that travelers will attend, it's essential to wear comfortable shoes. Do not wear brand new shoes; they could be made uncomfortable and disturb the whole trip. 
  5. Electronic gadgets: Laptop, phone and camera should be charged before traveling. It's important because the travel time is sometimes not defined and catching moments by taking photos makes a good trip. 
  6. Chargers: For few days or weeks, chargers of these gadgets are necessary to pack in the travel bag. 
  7. Documents: Travel diary or business documents should be checked in the travel bag. It gathers all the stuff the traveler needs: driving license, passport, medical insurance or any other essential and appropriate documents.
  8. Money: Traveling is about spending money and not caring about that. Remember to have cash in the travel bag to avoid some problems to pay something during the journey. 
  9. Entertainment: Spending time alone on the plane is not pleasant. Make sure to bring some entertainment like books, phone games or listening to music to kill the time. 
  10. Accessories: It could be torchlight or cosmetics, sunglasses, hats and some accessories depending on the destination.

Tips to not forget them

There are many tips that are suitable for the organization of a travel bag, for you to have the things you need. Some travelers make a list of these items and everything that is necessary for them.

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In being too excited, sometimes, it's difficult to remember what to take when traveling. To make sure that all the needed items are in the bag, check and recheck it. Travel well and travel smart, let eDreams organize the trip you ever wanted.