The guide to best manage your money on holidays

Image The guide to best manage your money on holidays

Most people have saved for some time before going on holiday. In fact, the objective is to have an enjoyable vacation with your family or partner. While on vacation, it is common to eat special food and do many fun activities.

Whether you choose staycation or beach vacation, a city tour or a safari, travel expenses are always difficult to manage. As a result, it is very important to carefully manage your budget on holiday. Learn how to manage your budget correctly with the online travel agency eDreams.

What are the travel expenses?

First, you need to set aside some money for transportation. This includes transportation to and from your destination as well as transportation across your travel destination. Plane tickets, car fuel, bus fare are parts of that.

In addition, another important part of the budget should be allotted to accommodation. You may choose to stay at a comfy hotel room, or at a youth hostel, or at a studio.

Others may rent a villa or an apartment to enjoy their vacation with their family. Food and beverages are also a priority. In addition, you have to think about other extra expenses, which may include sun lotion, mosquito repellent, clothing items, and souvenirs. In other words, extra budget needs to be put aside for any other unexpected expenses.

How to best manage your money

Here are a few practical tips to best manage your budget on your holidays. 

  • Keep a budget for everything. The first thing to do is to know your expenses as regards food, beverages, snacks, park entrance fees, public transportation around the vacation destination, and especially recreational activities. You might also add unexpected expenses like visiting friends, buying presents to your budget. 
  • Use an online budget planner or a mobile application. The most practical way to plan your budget is through the help of an online website or by using an application in your iphone. 
  • Another good alternative is to write your budget on a notebook. Create a few columns, with the things you need, the estimated costs and the total. Put another column for the right costs next to the estimated costs. You will add into that column during your holiday. 
  • Collect information. Before setting out on your trip, get information about the cost of living in your destination from the internet. This will help you know the estimated costs on meals and other necessities. Find out also about park entrance fees and about how much you will need to pay for other recreational activities. Plan your budget accordingly. 
  • Choose an accommodation where breakfast in included. Meals cost a lot especially if you have to eat out three times a day. However, it is important to maintain a healthy diet during your vacation. To save you from the high cost of restaurant food, it is recommended to stay at an accommodation where breakfast is included in the costs. This will help you manage your budget correctly. You can easily find B&B accommodation through eDreams
  • Choose to go on holiday packages. A holiday package offers an organized tour in your dream destinations with interesting deals. Plane tickets, accommodation, transportation in the destination venues and entertainment activities are included in the offer. This will save you from unexpected costs related to transportation and entertainment fees. The online travel agency eDreams has interesting holiday packages.